Dr. Roya Rozati

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Dr. Roya Rozati addressing the press meet regarding the recent allegations made by few patients who had taken IVF treatment at MHRT in April 2013 clarified,
1.       Why failure ?
IVF success rate is 30-4- % all over the world.
2.       Factors contributing to the better success of IVF
3.        Factors contributing to the poor IVF results.

All these patients are poor responders. Age factor, genetically determined factors, other unknown factors also.
Lots of research is going on these types of patients in international level to increase the Oocte recovery and Oocyte quality.
Increasing the dose of gonadotropins
Short protocol / Long protocol
4.       Patients want success in one cycle.
Why so much hurry. Subsequent cycles mostly successful in many cases, as is it same at MHRT.
Cryobank is available now-a-day’s
Out of anger, lack of knowledge about IVF, why so much frustration?
Facts of the case:

Patients who underwent IVF-ICSI treatment at our hospital on 8th April 2013, Embryo transfers were done on 11th APRIL 2013
Follow up was done on Day 10/Day 11 i.e., on 20th/21st April 2013 for bhCG.  The levels were varying from 100-150  in three of  these patients, so their Leutal phase support was continued till Day 21=22.
For subsequent USG (scanning) they were asked to come on Day 21-22 i.e., on 30th of APRIL 2013. The same day, when gestational ring is not seen in USG it was told to the patient that the result (Pregnancy ) is negative.
On 1st May 2013 evening all these four couples have come to our hospital and started harassing the doctor. Later on they went to Banjara Hills. P.S. and lodged a complaint against us. Media (one of the news channel) has taken one step forward and telecasted this news in their own way.
It was also told to us by other patients who (pregnancy confirmed on USG in this batch) underwent IVF treatment along with the above mentioned patients have received calls from one of these couples and they tried to make the peoples mind against the doctor, and tried to form a group.

Embryo transfers were done on 11th APRIL 2013. As it came in the media that the patients were bluffed with false pregnancy months together on 4th May we leave it your intellectual thinking to understand the facts.


Infertility doc denies charges of cheating patients
Dr. Roya Rozati of Maternal Health & Research Centre (MHRT) on Saturday denied allegations by some patients that the centre cheated them on infertility treatment and said appropriate legal actions were being contemplated against them.
Four couples who underwent In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment had approached the Banjara Hills police on Thursday charging the MHRT of misleading them with false assurances.
Dr. Rozati told presspersons that the IVF success rate the world over was between 30 to 40 per cent and everyone patient at the MHRT is informed about this.
“A host of factors contribute to the success of the IVF and a patient is made aware through a proper counselling session,” she said.
Dr. Roya Rozati said the four patients underwent IVF treatment at MHRT and embryo transfers were done on April 11 and after follow-up, were informed on April 30 that the result was negative.
“These four couples came to us the next day and harassed the doctors. We tried to explain in detail but they would not listen,” she said while adding that she suspected the handiwork of vested interests behind the affair.
“It is nothing but blackmail and we suspect some forces with vested interests being behind these patients,” Dr. Roya Rozati said.

Dr.Roya Rozati